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Our products

From the beginning, we’ve worked with our colleagues at SUNDAY Natural to create the highest quality products: our promise is to provide only the best supplements to your dog.

We get ideas and inspiration from all over the world, and we work closely and sometimes exclusively with renowned laboratories, maintaining a constant dialogue with nutritional experts, veterinarians and visiting trade fairs in order to continue developing innovations that live up to the HUNREYS royal standard.

Over 800 products have been developed by our partner company in the field of food supplements since 2013. This valuable experience is directly incorporated into our formulas and research and forms the basis for our products. 

We strongly believe that perfect results are only attained when staying true to our promise of achieving the highest quality standards – without compromise.

Every day, our attention to detail motivates us to develop even better products for our pets. This ambition is also the foundation for building our close and trusting relationships with our production partners.

All HUNREYS products are tested and certified by several independent laboratories. Extensive testing and random sampling at our suppliers’ facilities ensure that all products are free of pesticides, microorganisms and solvent residues.


HUNREYS sets new standards for supplements made for dogs. Our collaboration and communication with veterinarians, naturopaths and leading scientists in the field of food supplements helps us to constantly develop and implement new ideas.

Through research and dialogue with laboratories and quality manufacturers, we can offer our customers unique and continuously optimized products. We focus on select active ingredients for a targeted and ideal nutritional supplement for dogs.

All HUNREYS products are vegan without exception, both out of our own conviction and out of our quality standards. Some of them are refined with high-quality CBD in order to provide all our dogs with the characteristic properties of cannabinoids for an even stronger effect on their health.

CBD (Cannabidiol) 

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a plant compound extracted from hemp (cannabis) now used in a variety of forms for humans and animals. CBD has a calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle easing effect.

In cooperation with the largest online magazine concerning CBD, CBD-Zeitgeist, we bring scientifically based knowledge to our products and refine them with the broad effect spectrum of cannabidiol. Our partner companies must share our passion for natural and safe cannabidiol products.

At HUNREYS, we source our CBD exclusively from suppliers that have passed our rigorous selection process. To do this, our internal Product Research & Development team in Berlin visited producers, licensed hemp farmers and CBD manufacturers throughout Europe and the USA, audited them, and selected only the very best as HUNREYS partners..

Vegan as a Rule

Our products are 100% vegan and animal friendly. This means that none of our products contain animal ingredients. This is not only for ethical reasons, but also because we wish to leave out unnecessary and harmful ingredients, and to rely instead on absolutely pure and natural ones. This applies not only to our products themselves, but also to our packaging materials – from the label on the glass bottles to the shipping cartons.

Of course, we are aware of the omnivorous diet of dogs, but our focus is on delivering a high-quality, premium nutritional supplement that is suitable for all dogs while not harming any other living creature.


At HUNREYS, transparency means that you can expect to read plain text instead of small print. All the ingredients in all of our products are listed in full, broken down transparently and explained in detail.

In fact, we are the first partner of the Clean Label Project™ – a non-profit organization whose goal is to make food and consumer goods 100% transparent for the buyer. Surprisingly, many ingredients – including harmful ones – are not required by law to be declared on food labels.

The safety of food products is dependent upon the pathogens and microbiological contaminants present.

From baby food to sunscreen, the Clean Label Project™ has already tested hundreds of companies for purity and awarded them with their Purity Award.

As a partner, we support Clean Label Project™’s research and we develop all of our products to their standards. By being critical, we aim to provide clarity in an often confusing market.

This is why, at HUNREYS, we rely on the “Triple Lab Test” standard, for which at least three independent laboratories (for example True Clean Label, the TÜV and another European research laboratory) analyze the products of our partners and identify every substance contained within.

Packaging & Recycling

At HUNREYS, we do not use outer packaging and package inserts, and we also avoid all other unnecessary paper. In our office, we only print what really needs to be printed (e.g. for accounting).

We limit our use of plastic and opt for pharmaceutical quality glass bottles for our formulas, and we make sure that all cleaning agents and other materials used in production operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.

We have also developed our own glass recycling program. For every 10 empty HUNREYS bottles returned (rinsed out, please), you will receive a coupon for 10% off your next order.

Animal Testing

It goes without saying that neither we nor our suppliers test on animals. No animal testing has ever been performed by us or on our behalf, meaning our raw materials are sourced exclusively from suppliers who do not conduct or commission any animal testing.

Since we keep our production in-house at our own manufactory, we are independent in this matter and do not need to rely on support from other manufacturers who do conduct animal testing. Furthermore, we are committed to campaigning for a worldwide ban on animal testing in the field of animal nutrition (and also in general).