Mental health and emotional stability are important factors for a long, happy dog life.


Dogs need an appropriate amount of activity to be healthy and happy, because movement is in their genes.


Nowadays, to ensure an adequate supply of all essential vitamins and minerals, dogs should also be supported with food supplements.


Dogs are emotional creatures and have a strong need for a trusting relationship with their human as a social partner. A healthy, close relationship and strong bond between dog and owner is one of the most important factors for happiness in a dog’s life.

Other psychological factors, such as mental exercise, consistency in training and rules, stable living conditions and clear, species-appropriate communication also play a decisive role in a dog’s mental health. Psychological and emotional stress can make a dog just as ill as it can make us humans.

That’s why it is very important to us to raise awareness and to offer dog owners the opportunity to support their dog’s mental health. We want your dog to live a long, healthy and happy life.


Dogs love to run, jump and play, so it’s crucial that they get plenty of exercise every day. Of course, they do need balance and rest, but the importance of maintaining a high activity level should not be overlooked. The urge to run is simply in a dog’s nature.

Over time, an inability to express this energy will lead to health problems. Their muscles will suffer from the lack of exercise, making the dog more susceptible to musculoskeletal system diseases, and the functioning of their digestive and cardiovascular systems will decline, which can have far-reaching consequences.

We develop products that support your dog’s musculoskeletal system and that alleviate any pain and symptoms should they already be a problem, because we believe that your dog should enjoy pain-free exercise well into old age, so that he can run and play for as long as possible.


The latest research shows that “conventional” dog food is often not enough to provide our dogs with all the vitamins, trace elements, minerals and other bioactives they need for a long and healthy life. Dog food (incidentally, also food grown for humans) contains less and less nutrients with every passing year.

This can be attributed to, among other things, depleted soils, the harvesting of fruit and vegetables before they are ripe, improper fertilization and excessively long transportation routes and storage times. Additionally, there are high levels of pollutants from said fertilization. Environmental toxins and sprays are deposited onto the food and often cannot be removed through washing alone.

Moreover, commercial pet food is often of low quality and can contain by-products and waste from slaughterhouses, including euthanised animals, pharmaceutical residues, waste from the dairy industry, grain which is declared unsuitable for human consumption, artificially added vitamins and minerals, and sometimes even sawdust.

In addition, the production processes of finished feeds usually involve extremely high pressure and sometimes high temperatures, which, among other things, lead to denaturation of the proteins they contain and damage to thermosensitive nutrients and vitamins. It is precisely the proteins whose structure has been altered in this way that are suspected of promoting cancer.

Obviously, all this is not conducive to the health of our dearest companions. But even when feeding your dog with raw and fresh food, deficiencies can still occur. For example, due to the aforementioned lack of nutrients in commercial fruits and vegetables (which in turn leads to meat not containing enough vitamins and minerals because the animals themselves are unhealthy).

For a comprehensive and healthy diet, food supplements are therefore recommended for dogs. And this is exactly where we come in. No matter whether you feed your dog conventional pet food, practice raw feeding (a special diet of uncooked meat, edible bones and organs) or provide a carefully conceived vegan diet, we’re here to help you keep your dog healthy and provide him or her with all the nutrients they need for a long and happy life.

Our Aspiration

Responsibility, transparency and sustainability are the values that guide us through all of our decisions at HUNREYS. We think long-term and act sustainably.

Our main priority is to improve – always improve. We are therefore never completely satisfied or finished with our work. Instead, we are continually on the lookout for an even higher-quality product, more environmentally friendly packaging and more resource-efficient production.

Why? Because we believe that every single dog we are able to help lead a better, healthier and happier life, every tree that doesn’t get chopped down and every resource saved is worth all the work and effort in the world.