The idea for our premium brand was born back in 2016 out of the desire to provide high-quality, natural supplements for dogs that are in no way inferior to the best and purest supplements for humans.

We wanted to offer a quality that could not previously be found on the pet supplement market. HUNREYS creates innovative and sustainable products for dogs. All of our premium products are completely plant-based. Out of our love for dogs, we produce food supplements fit for royals.

We are HUNREYS – to us, dogs are royalty.

[ˈhʌnɹeɪz] Noun – animal, qualitative

¹ Hun” comes from the German term “Hund“.

² Rey“is Spanish and means “King“.

Dog lovers understand this term as a nutritional supplement brand for dogs with a royal claim.


Both of our founders, Robert and Konstantin, grew up with dogs and developed a strong relationship with their faithful companions. They believe that species-specific nutrition is crucial for taking proper care of our pets.

The German shepherds Konstantin grew up with were cherished members of the family. They were always running around outside, had plenty of space and exercise in nature and were fed nutritious, species-appropriate food. In these formative years, Konstantin developed a special awareness for the needs of our four-legged friends.

Robert and his dog Fabien (affectionately called Biene by his children) like to spend time together in forests and nature, satisfying her natural hunting instinct through vigorous exercise and targeted training. Improving the quality of life of all dogs is a goal that is close to Robert’s heart.

Our team

We are dog lovers, veterinarians, canine naturopaths and nutritionists, hunting dog trainers and nature enthusiasts. Our team is united by a strong commitment to quality and sustainability and, of course, an immense passion for dogs and their well-being.

Our canine team members include our office dog Willi, an easygoing standard poodle and snack connoisseur, and Robert’s dog Fabien, a lively Polish hound (or Ogar Polski) who served as a source of inspiration for our brand’s name; the Ogar Polski is also commonly referred to as the “dog of kings”, because of its popularity with Polish nobility. For us, however, all dogs are royal!